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Web Design


Web Design

Improve your website’s look and feel with a clean & modern design.

Professional Photography

Whether you need interior photos of your business, corporate headshots, or product photography, I possess a wide range of lenses designed specifically for each use case. Photos will be shot with the end goals of your website in mind, and will be meticulously crafted to represent whatever type of vision you are attempting to put forward. Provide your products and services the professional looking treatment they deserve.

What Service Should You Use?


Long gone are the days of having to pay thousands of dollars for an individual or company to code and build your website from scratch. Today’s modern ecosystem is made up of numerous companies that provide the infrastructure needed to fast track a large portion of this work. Squarespace, WordPress, and others account for a massive percentage of current websites built and hosted upon the Internet. I am experienced with these, as well as many other platforms, and will be willing to work with whichever you decide fits your needs and budget. Whenever necessary, custom HTML and CSS will be written to further improve your website’s functionality and design.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) have become buzz words that marketers and advertisers love to throw around. These processes are certainly vital contributors to the success of a website, but are not as complex or expensive to implement as many in the industry claim. Effective SEO boils down to ensuring that your website is a top result in search engines such as Google or Bing. Being found upon the first few pages of a relevant search makes a world of difference with regard to receiving larger amounts of traffic, and usually comes with no cost. By utilizing appropriate keywords, indexing pages, and taking advantage of location-based SEO, I aim to develop customer frequency and engagement. Similarly, by paying for key advertisements to target demographics - through options such as Google, Facebook, or Instagram - SEM can help to bypass the need for optimization by essentially buying your site a top spot. Whichever method (or combination) you choose, I have the required skill set to help boost visibility and increase the amount of interested customers visiting your website. Squarespace and similar platforms also offer software that can be used to enhance these efforts and drive traffic your way.

How Will I Boost Web Traffic?


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The Timberlake House is a quaint bed and breakfast located in Upstate New York. I provided a complete redesign, personalized photography, and offer continuous remote support whenever necessary. Click the following link to view the website: